Hello to Jharkhand, from Pluto

Hello dear Jharkhand

Hey. My original hell

You seem the same

As when we first met

So swell-

Your brown, brambly pyre

Ruffled and base

For mobs on display

At the big museum exhibit

In melamine structures

Living primitive cultures

While you glow in orange fire…

Burn, my love, burn

Let the flames spread

Black smoke will rise

To tear, rip apart

Some beautiful eyes

Which will not see

Mauled carcasses of beasts

Casually swept away

Across the streets

In ordered townships

That breed 

Industrious rodents

Driving family cars

Buying at fixed cost

And gnawing away at 

Bits of your flesh

In carefully documented records

As others chaotically steal, those

Animals in forests

Play the game of barbaric kill

Occasionally drifiting into

And dragging back civilisation

To rest.

I absorbed hate here

In mines hot, which blast

Day in and day out

Deep within your heart

Taming wild hopes

Into function

Burn, my love, burn

Let the flames spread

I absorbed hate here yes

And through me 

I will let it drip

Drop by drop, I let it slip

It splashes everywhere

As I drift

Through my underworld

Of souls which 

Never crossed the Styx.